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One is Jewish. One is Gentile. Both believe in Jesus. Join us as we discuss life, faith, prophecy, current events and more. Discover surprising insights and amazing things God is doing around the world.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. #6 | Dinner Under the Stars – The Jewish Feast of Tabernacles – Sukkot

    What’s with the booths and hanging fruit from their ceilings? Is that in the Bible? Hear what this unique, week-long Jewish holiday is about. ...


  2. #5 | “Die Another Day” – Why Yom Kippur Still Matters

    Find out what’s so special about this holiest day of the Jewish year and why Jewish people can’t help but end the day with uncertainty about their future. ...


  3. #4 | Shofar So Good – Exploring the Spiritual Benefits of Rosh Hashanah

    It’s the Jewish New Year, but it’s really not the new year, but then again it is. Wait, what? Better let Ezra explain this interesting tidbit and also fill you in on the inspiring sound of the shofar and how Jewish people approach the New Year differently than Gentiles. ...


  4. #3 | The Differences Between Messianic Judaism and Christianity

    In this foundational episode, Ezra and Carly discuss Messianic Judaism and Christianity and identify some of the key ways Messianic Judaism differs from Christianity and… ...


  5. #2 | Misconceptions Jews Have About Christians

    In this episode of A Jew & A Gentile Discuss, Ezra grills Carly with some common misconceptions Jewish people have about Christians. Throughout the conversation, they reveal some ways Christians may be unknowingly shutting down or offending a Jewish person. When we – on both sides – seek understanding, we ...