S1 EP11 | Oy Vey, It’s Post-Election Day

Episode 11 November 05, 2020 00:29:17
S1 EP11 | Oy Vey, It’s Post-Election Day
A Jew and a Gentile Discuss
S1 EP11 | Oy Vey, It’s Post-Election Day

Nov 05 2020 | 00:29:17


Show Notes

No, Carly and Ezra aren’t putting on any political commentator hats for this episode, but they’re here to give you a unique perspective on perhaps the most intense presidential election any of us have ever seen.  

Listen to them discuss: 

  1. How did Jews in America vote?  
  2. Did evangelical Christians vote generally conservative? 
  3. Will an undecided US election affect Israel? 
  4. How will the outcome affect Israel, and how soon will that impact be felt?  
  5. With anti-Semitism ramping up around the world, will the election results curtail or inflame it?  

This episode is part two of a three-part series where Carly and Ezra discuss the results of this fiery presidential election and encourage you to display unity in Jesus regardless of your political views. 

And be sure and watch for part three where they will discuss any further developments and impact from the election results. 

For more conversations around intriguing, relevant topics, check out additional episodes of A Jew and A Gentile Discuss wherever you listen to your podcasts or right here at www.ajewandagentilediscuss.org. 

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