S3 EP7 | Why Christians Want Jews to "Convert"

Episode 7 November 01, 2022 00:27:05
S3 EP7 | Why Christians Want Jews to "Convert"
A Jew and a Gentile Discuss
S3 EP7 | Why Christians Want Jews to "Convert"

Nov 01 2022 | 00:27:05


Show Notes

If you’re Jewish and hear a plea to “convert,” you’re undoubtedly offended. If you’re a Christian, chances are you don’t understand why that would be the case. In this episode of A Jew and A Gentile Discuss, Ezra and Carly open the doors wide on this little-spoken-of misunderstanding, uncovering some truly helpful and clarifying points you should know – whether you’re Gentile or Jewish.

Along the Way

Along the way, you’ll glean some significant knowledge, like:

Words You Might Learn in This Episode

Kishkes, teshuva, ecclesia


Scriptures Referenced in This Episode

John 14:6, Matthew 15:24, Romans 1:16, Ephesians 2:13, Genesis 12:3, Genesis 3:15, John 1:29, Hebrews 3:1, Acts 15:3, Acts 3:19, Romans 11:11–24


Previous Episodes Mentioned

S3 E6 – How Judaism and Christianity Parted Ways


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