A Jew and a Gentile Discuss

--- Ezra and Carly ---

One is Jewish. One is Gentile. Both believe in Jesus. Join us as we discuss life, faith, prophecy, current events and more. Discover surprising insights and amazing things God is doing around the world.

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Latest Episodes…

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    He’s funny. He’s unconventional. He’s Rabbi Matt Rosenberg of “Restoration,” a Messianic fellowship in Seattle, Washington, that seeks to unite Jews and Gentiles into one worship community. … ...


  2. #20 | What’s the Difference Between a Messianic Congregation & Church?

    Rabbi Seth Klayman joins Ezra and Carly as they discuss similarities and differences between a Messianic congregation and a church. ...


  3. #19 | Resolutions – Jewish and Christian Style

    Ahh, the New Year! A fresh start. A clean slate. Leaving the old behind and stepping out into the open landscape of a new year.… ...


  4. #18 | What is That You’re Eating: Chanukah and Christmas Foods

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  5. #17 | Christmas and Chanukah: The Questions You’ve Always Had

    It’s “the most wonderful time of year,” and both Christians and Jewish people enjoy the winter holiday season. This episode of A Jew and A… ...