S4 EP8 | Rinse and Repeat

Episode 6 June 27, 2023 00:27:45
S4 EP8 | Rinse and Repeat
A Jew and a Gentile Discuss
S4 EP8 | Rinse and Repeat

Jun 27 2023 | 00:27:45


Show Notes

In this episode of A Jew and A Gentile Discuss, Carly and Ezra talk about the Jewish custom of reading through the Torah, the first five books of the Bible, each year, using a universal reading plan. Carly shares a bit about her background growing up Catholic, and they touch on how the “high church’s” Book of Common Prayer sprang from a Jewish concept begun during ancient Israel’s captivity in Babylon. They discuss how the plan works along with


Along the Way

Along the way, you’ll also learn about


Words You Might Learn in This Episode

Tanach, Torah, parasha, parashot, Simchat Torah, Sukkot, Mashiach, Yohanan the Immerser, Yeshua, Brit Chadashah, matzah


Scriptures Referenced in This Episode

Genesis 1:1, Deuteronomy 18:15, Isaiah 52:13–53:12, Jeremiah 31:31–33, Malachi 4:5–6, Matthew 3:1–3, John 1:29–36, Genesis 15:7–21, Genesis 17:1–14, Hebrews 9:11–15, Exodus 12:24–27, Hebrews 4:12, Genesis 9:8–17, Romans 11:13–25, Matthew 15:24, Acts 2:21, 2 Corinthians 3:12–16


Previous Episodes Mentioned

S1 E47   The Difference Between Jewish and Christian Worship

S2 E9    Hoo-pah – Demystifying the Jewish Wedding

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