S4 EP7 | The Real Story of Jonah, from a Jewish Perspective

Episode 6 June 13, 2023 00:31:31
S4 EP7 | The Real Story of Jonah, from a Jewish Perspective
A Jew and a Gentile Discuss
S4 EP7 | The Real Story of Jonah, from a Jewish Perspective

Jun 13 2023 | 00:31:31


Show Notes

Who knew that the book of Jonah is connected to the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement? Probably not anyone who isn’t Jewish, right? Well, it is, and it’s what Carly and Ezra talk about in this episode of A Jew and A Gentile Discuss. They share the Jewish context in which Jonah was called to preach repentance to Nineveh, a cruel and wicked nation, the consequences of Jonah’s disobedience and how God ultimately restored Jonah and redeemed Nineveh.


Along the Way

Along the way, you’ll hear:


Words You Might Learn in This Episode

Synagogue, Shabbat school, Yeshua, Yom Kippur, High Holy Days, Fall Feasts, the Messiah/the Christ, Ruach


Scriptures Referenced in This Episode

Matthew 12:38–42, John 6:68, Matthew 16:13–16, Acts 2:22, Matthew 16:21–27, Matthew 26:31–35, Acts chapter 10, Romans 11:25–27, Exodus 33:19/Romans 9:15, Ephesians 2:13, Zechariah 14:8–9, Romans 8:28, Matthew 15:24, Romans 11:11–14


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