S1 EP8 | Sabbath: To Keep It or Not. That is the Question!

Episode 8 October 13, 2020 00:49:09
S1 EP8 | Sabbath: To Keep It or Not. That is the Question!
A Jew and a Gentile Discuss
S1 EP8 | Sabbath: To Keep It or Not. That is the Question!

Oct 13 2020 | 00:49:09


Show Notes

The Sabbath: It’s the fourth commandment, but is it relevant today? Is it Saturday, or did it change to Sunday after Jesus’ resurrection? And are Jewish people really forbidden to drive a car and turn on a light switch on the Sabbath? What exactly is the Sabbath, and are we obligated to observe it?


In this episode of A Jew and A Gentile Discuss, Carly and Ezra tackle the subject of Shabbat, the Hebrew word for Sabbath, and reveal their different interpretations of it. They start by explaining the basic concept of the Sabbath, what it means and its biblical origin.


Carly asks why Jewish people pick and choose what to obey, citing strict observance of Shabbat but not other laws, particularly the sacrifices. And Ezra wonders why Christians feel obliged to follow the 10 Commandments but not necessarily the one about Shabbat.


You’ll hear Ezra’s reasons for his literal interpretation that, for Jewish people, Shabbat means Saturday and how it is also a covenant between God and the Jewish people.


Carly presents the idea that Jesus treated the Sabbath differently than the other nine commandments ­ – working, healing, and gleaning on Shabbat – and that it was intended to foreshadow the rest we find in Jesus. Ezra reveals his understanding of Jesus’ interactions with the Pharisees regarding the Sabbath.


As they discuss, you’ll also hear about:


You’ll hear about Carly’s first experience of a Jewish Shabbat, her expectations and surprises. Ezra explains how his family observed Shabbat when he was growing up. He also shares a personal story of burnout and how it affected his relationship with God and his understanding of the Sabbath.


In today’s smart-phone world, the whole concept of rest meets with friction as everyone expects you to be available 24/7. Despite Ezra and Carly’s disagreements, you’ll see how this Jew and this Gentile have come to view Shabbat as an invitation from God and choose to make it a priority.


They share their favorite Shabbat traditions, and Carly challenges listeners to start incorporating some period of rest into their weekly rhythms to see how God multiplies their time. Ezra encourages those of us concerned about getting everything done to consider the idea that we can accomplish more in six days through God’s strength than we can in seven days using our own.


Words you may learn in this episode:

Shabbat, Sabado, Torah, Messianic Jewish congregation, m’kadesh, kadosh, rabbi, Le Chaim!, balagan, challah bread


Scriptures referenced in this episode:

Exodus 20:8–10a, Genesis 2:2–3, Exodus 31:16–17, Colossians 2:16–17, Matthew 11:28, Matthew 12:1–14, Matthew 5:17–18, Romans 12:1, John 4:6

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