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One is Jewish. One is Gentile. Both believe in Jesus. Join us as we discuss life, faith, prophecy, current events and more. Discover surprising insights and amazing things God is doing around the world.

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  1. #41 | How to Share Jesus with a Jewish Friend – Awkward but Important

    Yeah, it can be uncomfortable. Intimidating? Maybe. Awkward? Probably. But seriously, it’s super important. Like, eternity-important. So, Ezra and Carly are here to help you understand some things that will make talking about Jesus with a Jewish friend easier for you and more meaningful for your friend. In this episode of ...


  2. #40 | Staying Jewish – Love and Marriage

    Marriage. You become one with your spouse, but you each bring your own heritage, traditions, beliefs and faith into the relationship. How do you work out the differences and choose a unified path together? In this episode of A Jew and A Gentile Discuss, Carly and Ezra dive into the subject ...


  3. #39 | Compelled to Dwell – Moving Back to Israel Today

    Maybe you’ve heard about it, maybe not. It’s called “aliyah,” and Jewish people from all over the world are doing it. What’s up with that?  Immigration is nothing new. Some people shift about the world, permanently making a new country their home. But there’s something unique about immigration to Israel. In ...


  4. #38 | Pentecost – Obscure Christian Holiday or Major Jewish Feast?

    Pentecost? Is that the thing in Acts chapter 2 with the rushing wind, the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues?   Well, they’re not going to debate the subject of speaking in tongues, but they are revealing some pretty cool things about how the day ...


  5. #37 | Does the Bible Say the Church Has Replaced Israel?

    Here we all are, just trying to love God, study the Bible and understand His Word, right? Then – bam – people come up with vastly different interpretations about what it says. Some disagreements may be over small matters. Then others, well, they can have a huge impact on ...